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CoDo is a private company engaged and specialized in algae and hydrocolloid business.
We extend expertise of products like seaweeds and derivatives, microalgae, natural and synthetic hydrocolloids, ingredients, to serve value for our global customers. Industries such as Food and Beverage, Animal Feed, Personal Care, Health Care, Fertilizer and soil conditioner, Textiles, and many others, feature among those being served by CoDo.
Our operation: SUPPLY CHAINS, DISTRIBUTION, PRODUCTION and LOGISTICS. The sophisticated network of suppliers allows CoDo to provide custom manufacture and to import-export a vast selection of products, upplying above industries.
CoDo is also involved in the manufacture of brown seaweeds, green seaweeds and various custom-made hydrocolloids based in plants with whole equity or partnership.

CoDo is a young company with a spirited team comprised of highly educated and experienced staff with passion and apabilities. Modern approach and advanced outlook inspired from our teamwork ensure the service well accommodate needs of customers and even more.

We rely on not only current human resource, also new generation, more important, wisdom originated from customers and supply chains. It is the group of partners who generate our rapid growth.

CoDo aims at not only trading but beyond the function to produce a complete line of superior products. Furthermore, we dedicate to sell not only products but also solution adding value for customers.
Our highlights as:
1. Abundant knowledge and resources of 5 genera, over 40 species of seaweeds and microalgaes;
2. Extensive network of cultivation and collection of weeds covering 10 provinces inside China and more countries in global territory;
3. Technical capabilities provide broad range expertise to professional and personalize customer's requirements in various applications;
4. Convenient facilities run in good order ensure quality products in our 2 whole equity and much more partnership manufacturing or blending operations with ISO 9001, 14001,Kosher, Halal or HACCP certification;
5. Qualified sales and technical people, together with other energetic staffs consist of power to offer efficient and effective products, solutions and services.

These all establish CoDo's credit and well-acceptance in American, European and Pacific Asia market.
Care one, Do more over... CoDo always move forward to grow with customers and partners. A professional team always welcome, respect, respond your enquiries and partnership. CoDo - a name helps you to maximize value.
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