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Ulva, or Aonori, Aosa, is a typical green seaweed, sometimes called “sea lettuce”. Despite its fragile two cell layered thallus structure, it has a high resistance against tearing due to its protein and elastic fibers. Ulva is a seaweed which is a rich source of energy: rich in vitamins(A, B, and C), calcium and magnesium, it is also sought out for its amino acid content (praline and lysine) and for its protein rich elastic fibers. Its succulent taste is reminiscent of shellfish.


Specification:                                                                      Packing:


Composition:  100% Ulva Lactuca                                        ULVA FLAKES:12kg/carton

Appearance:   Fresh Green Powder                                     ULVA POWDER:20kg/carton

Characteristics: MOISTURE: 8% Max                                  

              ASH CONTENT:  5% Max

Heavy Metal:  Mineral ARSENIC  3mg/KG Max.

              CADMIUM        3mg/KG Max.

Partical Size:   As customer request, 20-200mesh

Microbiology   Total : <10,000  (CFU/g)




Application:                                         Nutritional Profile:

 Rolling Sushi                                      Carbohydrates: 41-63%                                    

Garnish in soup, noodles, bakery                      Protein: 10%-34%

Flaver in soup, noodles, bakery

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